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Back in the Bigs
by Randy Turner

For the sports fan...
Winnipeg Jets fan in the family? Back in the Bigs is about how Winnipeg won, lost and regained it’s place in the NHL.


Hard cover - 11 3/4 x 9 1/4 - 218 pages

The Red River Flood of 1950

For the history buff...
The Red River Flood of 1950 - information and photographs.
A series of photographs taken alon the Red river from Emerson to Winnipeg during the catastrophic flood of 1950.


Soft cover - 10 3/4 x 8 1/2 - 40 pages

Hey Cop!
by Bruce Day

A lot of officers and some members of the public will see themselves in these stories, eve if it isn't them. Many officers will be olding their breath to see how much you are going to say, then heave a sigh of relief when you 'let them off gently.' Well done Bruce. You speak the truth, and even your criticisms are seen through optimistic glasses.
Sergeant Russ Heslop, Winnipeg Police Service 2008


Soft cover - 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - 234 pages

The Path to Heaven - A Christian perspective
by F. Patrick Doyle

There is something for everyone in this book including the story of the beginning of the universe, the development of civilization, a discussion on the equality of women, the Middle East conflict, background information concerning the three main religions and the actions of human beings which may lead to an afterlife of eternal happiness.


Soft cover - 6 x 9 - 135 pages

Chaplain's Corner
by Larry Hirst

Larry Hirst is the Chaplain at Bethesda Hospital and Bethesda Place in Steinbach, Manitoba. He grew up in Pennsylvania, a place his heart still calls home, even though he hasn’t lived there since 1973.

Larry studied in Phoenix, Arizona at Southwestern College, receiving a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. He also graduated from Denver Seminary with a Master degree in Pastoral Theology.

Larry pastored two churches: one in Strasboug, Saskatchewan and the other in Winnipeg, Manitoba before becoming a chaplain. Larry is married to Janice, a counselor practicing in Winnipeg. Larry and Janice have two sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law and three amazing grandsons. But most importantly, Larry became a child of God when he was 12 years old and seeks to live each day grateful for the loving grace of God which alone accounts for anything good he may do.


Soft cover - 6 x 9 - 258 pages

I Survived 7000 volts - My Story: Elmer Schultz
As told by Pat Gerbrandt

As the auger touched the lines a tremendous amount of electric power flowed through Elmer’s body. Hydro employee marvel that Mr. Schultz survived this incident, and as Elmer asserts, his survival is a miracle. “What a price I had to pay for failing to look up.”


Soft cover - 6 x 9 - 120 pages

Margareta - A Woman of Courage
By Helene Penner Koeger

18 year-old Margareta was facing a difficult decision. Should she marry a widower with eight children in order to keep the family together? This story is based on the life of a woman who kept her strong faith in spite of a life of hardships in Russia from the 1880’s to the 1930’s.


Soft cover - 6 x 9 - 268 pages

High Hopes and Shattered Dreams
- Second Edition 2005
Complied and translated by Helene Penner Koeger

The Nikolaifelder Church in Sagradowka, the dream for a place of worship which to praise God, was realized when the beautiful building opened its doors on May 5, 1891. The dream shattered forever during Stalin’s regime when the beautiful church, was turned into a grain storage facility.
Second Edition


Soft cover - 8.5 x 11 - 230 pages

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