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Derksen Printers
95 Industrial Road
Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1L4

Phone: 1-204-326-3421
Toll free Manitoba: 1-800-442-0463
Fax: 1-204-326-4860

When shipping parcels to us please use this postal code: R5G 1Z4

General Manager Laurie Finley
PrePress Manager Christian-Jade Sicat
Estimating/Client Services Melody Olenick
Estimating/Client Services Amanda Monkman

Sustainable Printing - We use recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks to reducing printable waste and to recycle where ever possible. We continue to educate our staff, suppliers and customers about our commitment to the environment and promote awareness and accountability on environmental issues. Paper products are highly recyclable, and toward this end we recycle all of our paper waste, and purchase recycled paper wherever possible.